Our invitations to travel


Minorca, is often imagined, sometimes dreamt of.


Here is the minorcan magic, a magic that pierces all of your desires, whether they are about professional orientations or about personal aspirations.


The island of Minorca is to be savoured, for us, obviously all year long. It conceals essentials as much as exclusivities, between Earth - Sea - Air.


We invite you, beyond the concept of a simple travel, to share our vision, the one that combines inspiration and the senses.


In a few words, here are our concepts, a delicious mix of imagination, expertise and passion.

La quête de sens pour un comité de direction au coeur de Minorque, à travers un voyage d'entreprise, voyage initiatique porteur de sens

The quest for the senses

You will feel moments and emotions that will inspire you forever

Lieu unique Minorque.JPG

The effervescence

You, waiting for excitement, while letting yourself be carried away, our island will be your perfect companion.

Les 5 sens en action Minorque.jpeg

Awakening to the 5 senses

To bond and savor unforgettable moments, Menorca will be your host.

Vivre des expériences comme l'empreinte durable avec un petit groupe en apportant une réponse au stratégie de développement durable, RSE et voyage solidaire

The sustainable footprint

To awaken you and engage in reflections, actions that have meaning.

Serenity Service (s)

VIP service and availability 7/7 to make your stay even more personalized.